We've found that the Linux build we had on itch is not functional. I'm unable to make a working new build currently, but the Linux build on Steam does seem to work just fine. Linux users, your itch purchase should come with a Steam key. Please redeem your Steam key and play over there. Sorry for the trouble! - Badru

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Version 4 Jun 29, 2021 1 GB
Version 4 Jun 29, 2021

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Hi, I received your game through the Ukraine bundle. I am a linux user, and since I don't have the steam key, do you have any recommendations for me to play your game? It looks like something I would really enjoy!

I hope I don't regret this, we can't be giving keys to the 430k people who bought the bundle, but if you email me at I can get you a key. I'll come back and delete this comment if I get too many emails. 

thanks! I sent you an email.